Teeth Whitening Services in Las Vegas

Las Vegas teeth whitening officeWe all desire perfectly white teeth that we can show off when we smile or talk. However, teeth become stained or discolored over time. Teeth whitening can enhance the appearance of your smile and boost your confidence. At Valley Dental, we provide professional teeth whitening services to patients in Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

Our practice offers in-office procedures and take-home teeth whitening options to allow you to choose the service that suits your budget and lifestyle. With our teeth whitening services, you will achieve the smile you desire efficiently with dynamic results. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment for teeth whitening today!


Our Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Professional teeth whitening is an excellent option for those who want an effective way to quickly and conveniently enhance the appearance of their teeth. Over time, your teeth may become discolored or dull because of lifestyle habits or the food and drinks you consume. A teeth whitening treatment is an effective solution to get your teeth shining bright. At Valley Dental, we offer two different teeth whitening options:

  • In-Office Teeth Whitening with GLO Science™: With GLO Science teeth whitening, our dentists will brighten your smile at our office in a single appointment. The professional-strength bleaching gel removes stains from the enamel to reveal your natural color hidden underneath. Our dentists use extra-strength GLO Science whitening gel and a special teeth whitening lamp to brighten your smile up to eight shades within an hour. During your treatment, our dentist will monitor your sensitivity levels to help you feel comfortable. The quick, visible results from in-office teeth whitening services may last about a year with good hygiene practices.
  • At-Home Teeth Whitening Services in Las Vegas: If you are looking for a way to brighten your teeth in the convenience and comfort of your home, take-home teeth whitening kits are an ideal option. At Valley Dental, we provide personalized take-home whitening kits that will lighten your teeth when it is most convenient for you. Our kits feature detailed instructions, custom whitening trays, and professional-grade bleaching gel. This treatment allows you to whiten your teeth at your own pace while the customized trays provide more even results across your smile. You can also use them to touch up your smile before a major event, such as a party, wedding, or job interview.

Advantages of Professional Teeth Whitening Services

Every individual desires a smile that they can show off without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed. Since your smile is a great asset, many people seek teeth whitening procedures to brighten their dark or stained teeth. Professional teeth whitening treatments offer many benefits to patients who want to whiten their smiles. Some of the benefits include:

Boosts Your Self Confidence: A whiter and brighter smile will boost your self-confidence like nothing else. You will feel more confident when your teeth are whiter and more vibrant.

Enhances Appearance: With teeth whitening treatments, your smile will be improved by making it brighter and enhancing your appeal.

Promotes Oral Hygiene: Once you've invested in whitening your smile, you'll want the results to last as long as possible. Whitening your teeth encourages you to practice consistent oral hygiene so your smile stays healthy and bright.

100% Safe: Professional teeth whitening treatments are completely safe and monitored by a dental professional.

Is Teeth Whitening a Good Choice For Everyone?

Although teeth whitening treatment is safe for everyone, it is not suitable for every individual. Irritation can occur if your gums have already pulled away from the teeth due to gum disease. In addition, teeth whitening will not lighten restorations such as fillings and crowns for those with them. Before undergoing whitening treatment, our dentist will examine your smile to ensure your gums and teeth are healthy enough for whitening treatments.

Can You Whiten Teeth When You Have Crowns, Dental Implants, or Fillings?

Restorative dentistry is designed to blend with the color of your teeth so they can look as natural as possible. Therefore, if you want to whiten your teeth, you should do so before getting any restorative dentistry procedures since fabricated materials cannot be further whitened. If you get teeth whitening services after restorative dentistry treatment, your natural teeth may appear lighter than the color of your restorations and will make them stand out.

Enjoy a Brighter Smile with Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas

If you desire a whiter smile, our seasoned dentists at Valley Dental have the treatments and expertise you deserve. With our professional teeth whitening services, your smile will look as bright as ever. We also provide additional cosmetic dental services to start you on the path to achieving your ideal smile. Please get in touch with our office today to schedule your consultation and get more information about our teeth whitening services.



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